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Earn A Share
In The Growth of AI

Access a revenue stream from your unused internet bandwidth.

Earn A Share
In The Growth of AI

Access a revenue stream from your unused internet bandwidth.

Why Nodepay?

Nodepay transforms your unused internet bandwidth into a valuable asset
Sell your unused internet
Earn constantly by being online
Refer friends & increase your income
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What is Nodepay

Nodepay is the network infrastructure that provides decentralized bandwidth for AI training. By connecting to the Nodepay Network, you will be able to sell your unused internet to AI companies, enabling the efficient transfer of public training data, labelling, model sharing and remote distributed training.

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Protected Data & Security

Your personal data is protected and can never be accessed. Privacy & Security is guaranteed. Nodepay puts you in full control of when your excess bandwidth is used.

Foundational Data Infrastructure for AI

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Supported by Industry Leaders

Supported by Industry Leaders

Supported by Industry Leaders

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The Nodepay Network – Building the Future of AI, One Node at a Time

By Nodepay | April 2, 2024

Welcome to Nodepay, a decentralized network that empowers you to monetize your idle internet resources while contributing to the advancement of AI technology.

This article will guide you through what Nodepay is building, how the network functions, and your rewards within our ecosystem.

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How Nodepay’s Points System Works.

By Nodepay | April 2, 2024

Node Points are the reward system for our app’s Beta phase. Continue reading to learn how you can leverage this system and reap the benefits as one of the founding nodes on the Nodepay Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nodepay work?

Nodepay transforms your internet connection into a source of passive income by leveraging your unused bandwidth. It’s a simple concept: most of us have internet bandwidth that we never fully use. Nodepay enables you to sell that surplus to businesses and institutions across multiple sectors, including AI research, financial services, healthcare, and more.

Is Nodepay secure? Do you access my data? 

Your Data, Your Control. When you join the Nodepay Network, your personal data is always protected. There is no possible way for Nodepay or any of the AI companies we work with to see your data or view your online activity.

Who needs my internet bandwidth?

A growing number of industries require access to global internet bandwidth, particularly AI labs who need it for preparing public data to train their models. Nodepay supports ethical AI development across multiple sectors by providing two key services:

  • Decentralized Web Data Access: AI laboratories leverage Nodepay’s network to access a vast pool of publicly available internet data. This is essential for training and refining AI models, driving innovation in various industries.
  • Curated Datasets: In addition to raw data, Nodepay offers AI labs curated datasets. We clean, organize, and structure this data, making it readily usable. This streamlines the AI development process and accelerates progress.

What rewards can I expect? 

As an early adopter, you’ll benefit from selling your unused bandwidth and earn a share in an innovative network. It’s not just income; it’s an investment in the future of Artificial Intelligence.

How will I receive my rewards?

Your rewards from Nodepay will be seamlessly credited to your account. We are currently considering diverse payment options including cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and PayPal. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

How does the referral system work?

Spread the word, and boost your earnings! When you refer a friend to Nodepay, not only do you get a bonus commission, you’ll also earn a percentage of their Node Points for life. And the rewards don’t stop there – you’ll earn when your friends refer their friends!

More questions? Ask our community.

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